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  • Beer party plan, Mediterranean cuisine(Free drinks included), ¥ 5,200

  • Japanese and Western-style banquet dishes ¥ 5,200 (1 person tax included)

    ● Two rows of Okinawa
    ● Savory egg custard
    ● Assorted tempura of spring vegetables
    ● Marinated roast pork and white fish
    ● Caesar salad
    ● Chicken saute Josephine style
    ● Dice Steak Mushroom Source
    ● Risotto with a bandit
      (Choice menu, Ume shirContinue reading
  • Multi-course dinner ¥ 5,200 (1 person tax included)

    ● Appetizer, Six points
    ● Osaka, Two points prime
    ● Grilled Dish, Small mackerel with salmon
    ● Things on board, Beef pottery grill (Changeable to seafood pottery)
    ● Deep-fried fish, deep-fried fish with sea urchin and shrimp
    ● Vapor, Savory egg Continue reading
  • Buffet Party Plan, "Special plan with free drink"

    ●Calling items, About 4 items
    ●Hot items, About 6 to 8 items

    beer·Sake(hot sake·cold sake)·whisky·Wine·Shochu·Plum wine·Various soft drinks
    Non alcoholic cocktail / non alcoholic beer, ※It can be set for eaContinue reading
  • Japanese and Western Takumori ¥ 5,200 (1 person tax included)

    ● 八 sizing
    ● Two rows of Okinawa
    ● Assorted sushi
    ● Three hors d'oeuvres
    ● Boiled pork with spicy sauce and chicken Chinese style stew
    ● Seasonal salad and salmon wine flavored
    ● Chicken saute Bercy style
    ● Sweet and sour sauce of white fish
    ● BContinue reading
  • Japanese and Western Takumori ¥ 4,200 (1 person tax included)

    ●八 sizing
    ●Savory egg custard
    ●Assorted sushi
    ●The smell of marinated lemon with small shrimp and kisses
    ●Harp-flavored Emanse beef diable sauce
    ●Corn pasta with raw ham
    ●Iberico pork cutlet sauce

    Coffee can be added as an option.(ServiContinue reading
  • Special dinner ¥ 7,000 (1 person tax included)

    ●Please, Bowl
    ●Things on board
    ●Fried food
    ●strength, Relishes
    ●Meal, Thing
    ●Distant, Bowl
    ●Incense, object
    ●Result, object

    ◎, Lending service of each color for each longevity celebration
    ◎, Sakura water service atContinue reading
  • Court banquet food ¥ 7,000 (1 person tax included)

    ●Before, Greens
    ●Toward, With
    ●Things on board
    ●lid, object
    ●Baking, object
    ●Fried food
    ●Steam, object
    ●Meal, Thing
    ●Distant, Bowl
    ●Pickled Vegetables
    ●Result, object
    ◎ Shadow service

    ※Because we will use seasonal materials, the contents may diContinue reading
  • Children's lunch (Infant ~ elementary school lower grades)

    Charge (Solo Traveler)

     ¥ 2,000
  • Children's lunch (Elementary School High School - Junior High School Students)

    Charge (Solo Traveler)

     ¥ 3,500