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  • Restaurant FONTANA

    • Buffet Breakfast
      time, 7: 00-9: 30 Orderstop/10:00 Closed

      Price, (Adult(s))2,000 yen, (children)1,420 yen, (Infants)¥ 1,180
    • Lunch Buffet
      time, 11: 30-14: 00 order stop/14:30 Closed
         Meal time, 90 minutes

      Price, (Adult(s))1,480 yen, (Senior 60 years and over)1,250 yen
         (Elementary school-aged children)¥ 1,000, (Infant aged 4 to 6), ¥ 780

      ☆Allowing for allergies of children
      If you are allergic, please tell the staff in advance.
    • Buffet Dinner
      time, 17: 30-20: 00 order stop/21:00 Closed
         Meal time, 90 minutes

      Price, (Adult(s)), 4,000 yen, (Senior 60 years and over)3,000 yen
         (Elementary school-aged children)2,400 yen, (Infant aged 4 to 6), 1,250 yen
    • Friedlink
      ※Please use for lunch and dinner

      All you can drink alcohol···1,980 yen / 90 minutes
      Draft beer made of barrels·Shochu·Glass of wine
      Sake·whiskey·Various sour
      Cola·Oolong Tea·Calpico
      Calpico soda, melon soda, ice tea
      All you can drink soft drinks is included in the buffet price.
      Cola·Oolong Tea·orange·Calpico
      Calpico soda and melon soda
      Ice coffee · Ice tea
    • Restaurant FONTANA

      Business hours
      7: 00-21: 00
  • Japanese Cuisine "Shoudai"

    • Seasonal Kaiseki Meal
      ● Appetizer, Sesame tofu, Soak, Fukusa-yaki, Mozuku vinegar
            Aigamo-san, Matsukaze
      ● Sucklings, substitutes, steamed tea bowls, 鰻 bekko
      ● sashimi, Three kinds of seasons, A wife's set
      ● Grilled Dish, Grilled salmon with salt, Tasty vinegar
      ● Things on board, Wao Ceramic Plate, Salted darpon vinegar
      ● Vinegared dishes, summer vegetables and Iwatsuki cold, strawberry jelly
      ● Fried food, Golden fried majak, Two vegetables
      ● Meals, rice, Crepe pepper, Miso bowl, Pickled Vegetables
      ● Sweets, Fruit
    • Buddhist service, Reservation required
      ●Zen greens, Seasonal platter
      ●soup, Savory egg custard
      ●Direction, Eighth·White·squid·wife
      ●Fried food, Tempura
      ●Grilled Dish, Silver Cod-Sakai grill
      ●Thing, Sukiyaki of Wao Black Wagyu Beef
      ●Simmered dishes, Assorted seasonal items
      ●rice, Tekone Sushi
      ●A boat, Miso tailoring
      ●Sweets, Assorted seasonal items

      We are using it for legal requirements etc.
    • Celebration table for children
      ●Michijo, Seasonal things
      ●rice, Red rice
      ●Your soup, Breathing
      ●Miya Tomokazu, Grilled beef with small sea bream

      *For first-time festival or eating meals (Momoka's celebration) etc.
    • Lunch menu
    • Matsuhanado
      Boxes divided into crosses include sashimi, appetizers, boiled foods and fried foods, and small bowls, steamed rice bowls, rice, miso, pickled vegetables, and desserts.
      It is also recommended for luncheons that invite customers.
      ¥ 2,500
    • Today's Japanese set menu
      It is a standard menu of lunch that the contents change by the stock of the day, such as sashimi and fried food.
      ¥ 2,100
    • 【Limited to Weekdays】 Feel free to make a day plan
      Dates, weekdays from Monday to Friday
      Contents, room meal in Japanese style room (charter)
      time, 11: 30 to 16: 00
      Charge, Solo Traveler, 4,000 yen
      Reservation required, (From 4 people)
      ¥ 4,000
    • Children's Menu
    • -GAO- Gao lunch
      ●Kuroge Wagyu beef hamburg
      ●Fried shrimp
      ●Fried potato
      ●vegetable salad
      ●Savory egg custard
      ¥ 1,250
    • Dinner menu
    • Shoudai Set
      ●Seasonal appetizer
      ●Savory egg custard
      ●Wao sukiyaki
      ●grilled fish
      ●rice·Closing·Pickled Vegetables

      I adopted a sense of the season well as having a mini-meal dish like a meal.
      ¥ 3,500
    • Japanese Cuisine "Shoudai"

      Business hours
      Day section / 11: 30 to 14: 30
      Night Department / 17: 30-21: 30
      Regular holiday, Every Wednesday
  • Lounge Trevi

    • Party plan
      ¥ 5,000

      Reservation starting from 15 people!
    • Lounge Trevi

      Business hours
      Bar, From 19:00 to 23:00
  • Cafe & Bar , Green Star

    • Cafe & Bar , Green Star

      Business hours
      Lunch, 11: 30 to 14: 30(O / S)
      Coffee, 14: 30 ~ 17: 30
      Dinner, 17: 30 ~ 20: 00(O / S)
      ※Closed on Tuesdays